In its first year, the HCM and Beyond brought together the audiences of both OHUG and Quest in one event. Attendees benefited from a strong educational and networking agenda that let them expand not only their expertise in Human Capital Management, but learn more about everything from the technical aspects of their ERP systems to tips and techniques for working within the other modules their organizations have employed.

Two of my papers were selected for presentation during the event

33320: Timecard Structure and OTL Data Model

OTL, a tool rather than a product, is based on HXC and HXT schema. It is designed on a complex hierarchical data model and displays one of the best usages of DFF. Understanding of timecard structure is essential for OTL implementation & integrati

* Difference between HXC and HXT schema, corresponding usage should be understood.
* Show what is Timecard data structure and how it leverages the DFF to make a generic datastore.
* Show all methods to enter time & flow of time information till it gets into receiving application.

33290: OTL Self Service Timecard Configuration Tips & Tricks

Oracle Time & Labor is the single point of entry for requirements of time capture, validation, management and approval. OTL offers time entry via a highly configurable & flexible web interface to meet the varying business needs of diverse industries.

* Demonstrate the configuration capability to add new components on timecard. No code change required.
* Show the setup required to process the added components & transfer to the receiving application.
* How easy it is to meet Day to day requirements to include components like LOV, Choice List, DFF etc.

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