In this article, I am going to show how to add the Hours Type in the Hours choicelist field on the Self Service Timecard. This process requires only a few setups and involves no code or layout change. I am assuming that the basic preferences setup like Timecard Layout, Approval Style, Approval Period, Timecard Period, Application Set, Retrieval Group etc are done.

It is often one of the most basic requirements to enable a different list of Hours type to employee Self Service Timecard based on some criteria like assignment, people group, etc....

Step 1. Create Elements and make sure that the Earnings Type is defined and one of the input values is "Hours". I am defining a regular and an overtime earning element. Earning type selection will decide a lot of things when we come to Time Management Rules like overtime, shift calculation etc.

Step 2. Link the elements to proper payroll.

Step 3. Create the Element set as per your requirement to build different sets of Hours Types.

Step 4. Run the Generate Flexfield and Mapping Information concurrent request. This process will take the Element Set created in the previous step.

Step 5. Create the Alternate Names. Here you can provide your custom, readable names to elements which will appear as hours type. Like I have given the name Shiv Regular Earning to element Shiv Regular. Make sure that records in Alternate Name section are enabled.

Step 6. Attach the above Alternate name to the Self Service Timecard Alternate Name Set Defined for a User node in the preference tree.

Step 7. Create an Eligibility Rule to attach the above preference to the test person.

Step 8. Login with the test person's credential and check the Hours Type list of values. Both the hours should be visible now on the Hours Type choicelist.