OTL Schema : HXC ? HXT ? Both HXC and HXT ? What is the confusion between C and T ?

A similar doubt was raised on the HRMS OTN forum which prompted me to put up this article.

Well, pretty simple and in the simplest terms unless you are using OTLR [OTL Rules], all the timecard data will be in the HXC schema. Only when you are using OTLR, the HXT schema comes into picture. It contains the exploded version of timecard data as per the time management structures and policies like shift, work plan, rotation plan, shift differential, premium interaction, premium eligibility, overtime calculation, hour deduction policy etc.

Upon timecard submission, the data gets stored in the HXC schema. Once all the validations/approvals are done and timecard is ready for transfer process, the “Transfer Time from OTL to BEE” process is run. Generally Transfer process will push the qualifying data to the BEE table from HXC tables. But in case the OTLR is enabled, the Transfer process will explode the time data as per rules setup, create premium element entries and push the detailed data to HXT schema. Now one can review details such as overtime and premiums on the professional forms Timecard window. At this stage, “Validate for BEE” and “Transfer to BEE” processes are required to be run to push the data to BEE tables.